Have you ever met someone that can hug you with their eyes?  Make you feel like you are the only person that matters right then and there and will ultimately be the very best part of your day?

I have, and I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

Bobbie Reber is an internationally recognized name in the equestrian world.  Through her life as a trainer extraordinaire and top-notch, sought after senior hunter and equitation judge.  She always exudes a friendly smile that will warm your heart, whether you know her or not.

She has been pivotal for so many in shaping who they are and where they have gone in life.

She has raised countless young riders by welcoming them into her own home to give them the very best possible experience with horses and I’m sure there are just as many parents that say a small prayer of thanks to Bobbie Too.

If you haven’t guessed yet, This episode celebrates the life of Bobbie Reber and all of the magical stories she has created and collected throughout it so far.  I am thrilled that she gave us her time and said yes to this interview.

Today I am privileged to bring you the wonderful, charming and effervescent, Bobbie Reber.