Hi everyone, thank you for choosing to join me for another episode of What’s Your Why.

We wanted to bring an alternative feel to the table with our next guest and given his credentials in life, he brings just that.

With his tagline “Have Voice Will Travel”, I marvel to think he even needs an introduction.

Peter Doubleday has been a significant force in the broadcasting and equestrian industries for 40 plus years.  I am ever grateful that our paths crossed, dare I say it, about 20 years ago and I’m thankful for the knowledge and insight that crossing has afforded me in my personal and professional development.

I hazard a guess in saying that he has been the eyes and ears (as he puts it) at almost every major North American equestrian competition since he jumped in, in 1972.

From the smallest family-run operation to the most impressive events like the Olympic Games, Peter has played an impressive role in shaping and developing the broadcasting aspect of equestrian sport.  He creates a feeling like no other with his facts, figures, and delivery.  He brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to every event he is involved with, where all you need to do is listen to feel right at home.

Peter’s warm, inviting personality is a welcome relief at many of these events and if you know the Peter Doubleday that I know, he is always supportive and available to offer a helping hand if needed.

I hope you enjoy this time spent with Peter Doubleday as much as I did and thanks again for listening.