I first met my next guest about 10 years ago at a show in Thermal California. I was a newcomer, and he was a staple with a famous name that everyone knew.  I soon realized, that although his name is recognizable amongst many groups, across many generations, he is stand alone and stand out in his own right with a big personality and an even bigger heart.

Whenever I felt like a fish out of water, he was always there to offer me insight, solutions, and support.  Never afraid to crack a joke to provoke a smile or open his arms to offer a hug, he is thoughtful, generous, and endearing.

Archibald Cox III, better known to everyone as simply Archie, has often referred to himself as being very fortunate.  He achieved much success as a young rider growing up in Long Island, NY surrounded by many famous equestrians that were better known as family friends.

Upon receiving a degree in Political Science from Drew University, Archie continued his equestrian education, working and learning from some of the best in the biz.  In late 2000 he opened his own business, Brookway Stables and let’s just say the rest is history.

Some would say that Archie’s famous name may have led to his fortune, but I definitely beg to differ.  Archibald Cox the third has found fame and fortune in spite of what his grandfather’s name represents, and he deserves every accolade that he has worked so hard to achieve.

For the next 30 mins or so, I invite you to sit back and relax with AC3 and I, where fortune and fame might be the name of the game, but self-identity, and kindness is where it’s at.

Let’s get into it!