Thanks for joining us again for another amazing episode of What’s your Why!

Today, I’d like to start with a question, things that make you go hmmm kind of idea……When you hear people described as “Salt of the earth” or “Earth Angels”, I’m sure that many of you have people that immediately come to mind.  Who are they? People that your close to that warrant the title and description.  Well I am over the top excited to introduce you (indirectly of course) to two more, in hopes that you will gain as much as I did from meeting them.

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta are quite simply just that – earth angels and I am so grateful that they were able to give me time in their increasingly busy schedules.

For those of you that don’t recognize these names, Step one GOOGLE, step two, simply keep listening.

Apart from being successful horseman in the Hunter/Jumper equestrian community, Danny and Ron set up an animal rescue in 2005, which stemmed from an immediate need to assist people and animals after Hurricane Katrina so tragically decimated New Orleans.  They have since been able to secure their rescue as a 501C3 and have subsequently starred alongside their furry friends in an original documentary appropriately named “Life in the Doghouse”.

We were given the opportunity to sit down with these amazing “Earth Angels” and discuss Their life in the Doghouse along with their passion for their extremely successful passion project, aptly named Danny and Ron’s Rescue. If I could ask for your time and attention of this episode, I can assure you that my guests will not disappoint and I hope you’ll find it as easy as I did to welcome them into your hearts and discover what Earth Angels can really look like.

Visit for more information or to support the rescue directly.

Photo Credit: Julie Prickett Photography