Savouring The Process With Traci Barmen Brooks And Carleton Brooks

Calling in from their home in California, I was able to chat with husband and wife team Traci Barmen Brooks and Carleton Brooks, (affectionately known as CB) of Balmoral Farm.

I could continue to rhythm off a list of their accolades, credentials, shiny stars, and awards, but I would really like to simply lead with…they are my friends.  I take such an extreme amount of pride in having the opportunity to say that without a second of hesitation.

Without getting too “real”, a few years ago, you may or may not know that I found myself in a very new and slightly overwhelming situation.  I was offered an opportunity to fulfill a contact in California on a yearly basis for about 10 weeks each winter.  It was such a wonderful opportunity and  I jumped at the chance, the only problem…I could count on one hand, with one digit how many people I knew and recognized there and when I arrived.

So now, insert Traci and CB.  They were without a doubt the most welcoming, calming, reassuring, friendly, motherly, fatherly, caring, the list goes on, people that made me feel immediately at home.  If I had a problem, a question or just needed some advice, I didn’t have to look further than their smiles to know I was ok.

So without making a long story long, I now don’t have enough digits or hands to count the endless friendships that I was able to form from fulfilling that role and I certainly have Traci and CB to thank for leading the way and welcoming me into their world.

Please enjoy my conversation with them both and I can assure you, that whether a horse person or not, you’ll most certainly find some relatable inspiration in this episode