The Past, Present And Future With Armand Leone

We are thrilled to bring you this episode of What’s Your Why? introducing Armand Leone. If you feel like somewhere in the nether regions of your brain, you recognize this name, you’ll not be surprised when I say you are right. If you’re involved in the equine industry at all, you most likely do.

Armand Leone is the oldest of the brothers’ Leone, which encompasses Peter and Mark, after him, who have each led successful careers inside and outside of the equestrian sport. Armand has more letters attached to his name than I can even count, holding a total of three post-graduate degrees from Columbia University Law School, New York Medical College, and Columbia Business School.

In addition to those credentials, Armand wasted no time in continuing his equestrian career, both on and off of horses. He was selected to represent the United States as an alternate on the equestrian team for the 1980 Olympic games in Moscow. Armand was also a member of the FEI Tribunal, Vice-President of High-Performance on the USEF board of directors, director, president CEO, and then chairman of the USET Foundation and also part of the conduct committee for the United States Hunter Jumper Association, or USHJA. Armand is a wealth of information, and given his knowledge around horses, he’s found a niche advising and educating equestrian athletes, trainers, and owners to simply make the world a better place.

Insightful, educational, and a pleasure to speak with, I ask you to please enjoy the past, present, and future with Armand Leone.