The Metagame Combination With Piper Klemm

Welcome to another episode of What’s Your Why, we appreciate your ears and your time, and we hope to continue bringing you the inspiration and motivation that you seek.

We’ve said it before, and we have hit the jackpot again, with our lovely guest in today’s episode. Piper Klemm is a successful amateur rider with an anything but amateur career. It started with falling in love with horses, followed by a top of the class PhD from Berkeley, which led to taking a break, trying something new and buying a print publication, which she has developed into the digital marketing company you know today, The Plaid Horse.

Piper Klemm amazed me throughout our conversation and no doubt still has many tricks up her sleeve. She’s a breath of fresh air who operates with total transparency, which many might say is the number one factor that’s lacking in today’s society, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

I invite you to get comfy and listen in on this amazing introduction to Piper Klemm, where I can assure you you’ll learn something new and maybe even something new about yourself. Thanks for listening and enjoy!
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