Sagacity With Sheila Trecartin

We are beyond excited to share today’s guest with you! In this episode, she speaks of her incredible journey of self-discovery towards her own unique abilities, abilities that can be considered controversial, but in my opinion are welcome tools to finding, achieving, and sustaining direction in life balance.

Sheila Trecartin is internationally renowned and specializes in animal communication, mediumship and intuitive business consultation, and offers holistic services for pets and people.

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive assistance from Sheila utilizing all of these specialities and let me tell you the word astonishing doesn’t even begin to describe an experience with her.  I feel like each consultation I have with Sheila has been an important awakening, and dare I suggest, soul searching guidance on a journey of self-awareness and life path.

Not to mention the deeper connection and understanding I have of my own furry friend’s needs, emotions and reactions, which I discovered through her astounding skills.

Sheila describes Sagacity to be wisdom through discernment, and with this conversation, I can’t think of a more sagacious person.  Please enjoy listening as we share the beauty that is Sheila Trecartin.

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